About Us

Our Story

It all started almost 30 years ago. Founder: Ozgur started working as an apprentice 30 years ago in a bakery where bread and traditional foods are still made with traditional methods. He learned the secrets of perfect dough kneading, leavening and proving techniques from his master. In the following years, he gained experience to obtain the perfect pizza dough together with the scientific facts behind the traditional methods.

After developing a passion for making perfect handmade pizza, we have decided to share our experience and passion with a wider audience. Wild Dough is now serving artisan Neapolitan wood-fired pizza throughout Cambridgeshire from our custom-built mobile wood-fired pizza van.

Our pizzas are one-of-a-kind. We make our dough fresh daily, and then let it cold proof for at least 48 hours to get that perfect flavour and texture. Our business name is determined as Wild Dough because we make the dough with a wild yeast starter culture which is produced by healthy bacteria grown in a natural environment instead of instant yeast.