Our Ingredients

We make pizza crust from scratch using a carefully maintained starter. We allow the dough to ferment for 2 days, the traditional way. Each pizza is topped with a homemade signature sauce, high-quality mozzarella, a variety of local roasted vegetables, and carefully selected high-quality prosciutto, pepperoni, nduja, smoked ham, and anchovies. 

Our business name is determined as Wild Dough because we make the dough with a wild yeast starter culture which is produced by healthy bacteria grown in a natural environment instead of instant yeast.

We are committed to sustainable waste management. We only use fully biodegradable pizza boxes and eco-friendly plates made from recycled materials.

Our traditional, stone-based, wood-fired oven can maintain a floor temperature of 350°C – 400°C and  is capable of cooking 3 10-inch, thin-base Neapolitan pizzas under 90 seconds at a time. We burn kiln-dried oak, ash, or birch logs obtained from sustainable sources to ensure a quick, clean, smokeless heat that cooks the pizzas to the perfection.